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We are Experienced Tax Preparation Professionals

Our team of experts have prepared hundreds of complex tax returns over the years. Millions of tax payers miss out on larger refunds every year because of poor quality services on their tax return.

ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE???? Let us help you maximize your refund with simplicity, effectiveness and efficiency while adhering to all the tax laws and minimizing any chances of being audited by the IRS.

We keep you in compliance with the IRS and review your tax return before the year end because minimizing your tax liability is our main goal and strategy in maximizing your refund while also ensuring that you take advantage of the latest tax laws that affect you and your business.

Tax laws have been changing consistently and making sure your taxes are prepared accurately while abiding to the tax laws is essential. Hence, as tax law becomes complicated there is no replacement for a tax expert who can provide you with quality service and guide you in the right direction.

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Our office will provide you with :

• Pre-calculation of your income tax liabilities
• File your return electronically (Fastest refund)
• Free tax advice and planning
• Unlimited access to our team throughout the year

Individuals ~Form 1040
o W-2
o Schedule C (Self Employed/Small Business)
o Other Incomes
o Deductions
o Credits
o Amendments (1040X) and Prior Year Returns
o ACA registration – Obamacare
o Amendments

LLCs and Partnerships ~ Form 1065
o Income Statement and Balance Sheet
o Form K-1
o Amendments (1065X) and Prior Year Returns

C and S Corporations ~ Form 1120
o Income Statement and Balance Sheet
o Form K-1
o Form M1, M2 and M3 Reconciliations
o Amendments (1120X) and Prior Year Returns

Exempt Organizations (Not-For-Profit) ~ Form 990
o Revenue, Expenses and Balance Sheet
o Change in Net Assets (Fund Balances)

• Estates and Trust ~ Form 1041
• Gifts ~ Form 709